Chinese Key

A New Method for Rapid Mandarin learning.
  • Characteristics of Chinese Characters

      A language, in general, consists of sentences, which are made up of words, which in turn are constructed from characters. A character can

  • Dr. Chu’s improvement on Clavis Sinica

    The Clavis Sinica learning system is designed to assist current learners of Chinese to have a smoother study experience and act as an

  • From Basic to More Characters

    Since the tradition of teaching Chinese characters using 三百千 Three, Hundred and Thousand was thrown into question, attempts were made in the

  • Simple Characters 獨體字

    Chinese characters can be analyzed into one or more components 部件[bù jiàn]. The simplest case is those characters of only one component, i.e.,

  • The Clavis Sinica Program History

    At the end of August 1552, Jesuit missionary Xavier reached ShangChuan Island, GuangDong, China. It marked the beginning of the cultural exchange

  • Three, Hundred and Thousand

    The most traditional way to teach Chinese characters is the use of 三字經 Three Character Scripture (Three), 百家姓 Hundred Family Names (Hundred) and